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Bellaire, TX 77401

Are things overwhelming right now, or maybe they have been for a long time? You’re an adult but feel like a child because your parents treat you like one and you find yourself resenting them but still want their approval?

Maybe you thought after you got married things would be better. You’d be free and able to live the way you wanted and wouldn’t feel ‘trapped.’ Now, you’re struggling with your in-laws who won’t give you the stamp of approval because you’re not good enough for their ‘baby.’ You’re not happy and they aren’t happy with you. Your spouse doesn’t help you and you feel alone, again.

Are you stressed because you feel like you’re living this dual life, your feet in two different worlds, both important to you but you feel caught in the middle? The cultures clash and what you value from each culture is condemned by the other- you can’t seem to win and it’s HARD.

Everything is overwhelming ALL the time and no matter what, you end up feeling stuck, unhappy, and maybe even lonely. Imagine what it would be like to tell people “no,” or decide what you want and make it happen? It’s scary to think about, but you’ve toyed with the idea, but aren’t sure how to make it happen. What if you started being able to live your dreams, and stop feeling guilty or shame for those desires? What if you could let go of having to be ‘perfect?’ This is my wish for you.

I understand saying ‘no’ isn’t that easy and feels impossible. As your therapist, I will help you learn to set limits and boundaries with those you love the most. Together we’ll find the clarity you need to start listening to your own voice and heart and drown out all of the pressure and judgment from everyone else. The journey may seem scary but you will not walk it alone, and you’re not meant to. I will be there to support you with each step and move.

If you’re thinking or even ready to start living a life that supports your desires, dreams, and hopes, schedule your complimentary phone consultation with me today. We’ll talk a little bit about what you want to work on and what you can expect if you work with me-we can decide if it’s a good fit. As someone that’s been there, I know it’s scary but everything you want is valid and possible with some change.

Let’s work together. Contact me today.

Women, individuals, couples, South Asian, first/second generation
MA in Marriage and Family Therapy
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India (U.S. Born)
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Maliha Khan_320x400.jpeg
6565 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77401 0.29 mi
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