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SAMHIN programs

SAMHIN answers questions about mental illness and treatment by developing mental health support programs for people of all age groups and walks of life. We also create and distribute educational materials. SAMHIN’s origins are in New Jersey and we are working to expand throughout the United States. We participate in health fairs, appear on TV shows, organize workshops, and can be heard on radio shows. See where you can find us at upcoming events.

We conduct these activities to educate, improve mental health literacy, and address the mental health needs of the South Asian community. Stigma and shame are major impediments to seeking psychiatric care. Education improves understanding of mental illness and decreases stigma and access to care. We also provide guidance to non-South Asian mental health providers regarding cultural issues related to the treatment of South Asians.



Future Programs

Our future plans include the following:

  • Geographic expansion of our Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings
  • Developing Al-Anon meetings for the friends and families of problem drinkers
  • Creating a suicide survivor support group
  • Developing Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups for South Asians for whom drug abuse has become a problem
  • Conducting educational workshops to help people understand mental health and wellness and overcome roadblocks to accessing care
  • Developing a program to provide access to affordable psychiatric care (low cost or even free) to South Asians who do not have health insurance or are financially disadvantaged