People throughout the world experience issues with mental health at any given time. These can manifest in multiple visceral reactions, which can include anxiety, irritability, weight loss, fatigue, lack of appetite, and many more. The physical manifestations of subconscious or conscious issues can add to the existing pressure and stress the person is experiencing. In a way, treating these issues first can help decrease that pressure and allow the individual to think more clearly and get to the root of his/her issues.

As someone who has dealt with anxiety for many years, I’ve come across techniques that can help alleviate the restless and constant physical manifestations. One technique that has helped me with anxiety is feeling the anxiety and not running away from it. When you feel your heart racing and you can’t breathe, just sit with yourself and feel it and let it pass. When you are sitting and feeling all of those racing emotions, take long deep breaths and focus on your breathing. As you take a deep breath, hold the breath for a few seconds and let it go, releasing it out of your whole body. As you release your breath, let your shoulders drop. Holding your hand over your racing heart as you take long, deep breaths can help you feel more at ease. After practicing this technique, you will be able to monitor and have control of your internal state. Your internal state will no longer have control of you.

This is just one example of a temporary fix for anxiety. There are many other useful techniques that can help, but the best technique is to understand why you feel the way you feel and change the limiting beliefs and fears. Through changing your beliefs about yourself and your situation, you can change your internal and external world. Dealing with these issues does require an immense amount of introspection and conscious thinking, but it can be done. You can change how you feel for the better permanently.

Jaspreet KaurBy Jaspreet Kaur
SAMHIN volunteer
Medical Student, NYITCOM Old Westbury, NY

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