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Are you struggling to be your authentic self while trying to meet the expectations of others? Have you suffered emotional wounds that are keeping you from appreciating and living your life? Do you often take care of others, but wonder who is taking care of you?

You may spend so much time taking on the weight of other people’s problems that you often put yourself in the backseat. You may feel the pressure to overcompensate, sacrifice yourself, or bend over backwards for others while neglecting your own interests and wants. You may have heard of boundaries, but asserting those can be incredibly challenging. Conflicting thoughts, shame, guilt, and critical narratives may overwhelm you, impact the way you feel about yourself, and interfere with the way you interact and show up in your relationships.

I became a therapist to help people like you examine their patterns and create positive, sustainable, and meaningful change. I offer a space free from judgment and greet you with compassion, humor, and a bit of sarcastic wit. You will learn to recognize and meet your needs, heal your wounds, and adopt healthier boundaries and coping strategies that feel true to you. It’s time to finally give back to yourself, relieve familial and societal pressures, challenge the obstacles getting in your way, and increase your resiliency and self-worth.

I grew up in the Middle East, Central America, Canada, and the U.S. and have deep South Asian influences, being Indian myself, so I understand the cultural and systemic nuances you may endure. My trauma-informed, integrative, and culturally sensitive approach is based on empowering you to celebrate your identity and finding alignment with your authentic self.
I work with adults (primarily women of color) of different ethnicities (South Asian, Middle Eastern, Black, Latinx) and religions (Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Catholic). I provide online therapy in English, and I’m conversational in Hindi and Spanish. I’m particularly passionate about supporting immigrants or children of immigrants to reconcile their wants and needs from the demands from others.

Attachment and codependence, trauma, immigration and acculturation, maternal mental health, LGBTQ+ populations
LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)
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Hindi, Spanish (conversational)
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