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San Jose, CA 94088

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a therapist.

I have had the special privilege of always knowing I wanted to be a therapist. But it wasn’t until my graduate school years that I noticed my higher education experience lacked a truly cultural experience, that encompassed the research, studies, and stories of other South Asian individuals. If you asked some of my peers and teachers, they would tell you that I started speaking about my dreams of having a private practice that would serve those that had the same cultural background as myself, as early as my first semester in school. I am beyond proud that I accomplished a lifelong dream. The love and dedication I have for my work is always evident. It is truly a labor of love. It is because of this, I take utmost pride in living in my truth and cultivating safe, compassionate, and welcoming therapeutic spaces.

-Let’s Open The DOOR To Your Authentic SELF-

The heart of my work centers around adults of the South Asian Diaspora (individuals from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh). My work includes the voices of those who have navigated a multicultural experience, which commonly includes those who are Fijian, Guyanese, Trinidadian, Kenyan, etc. in addition to their South Asian identity. Additionally, my familiarity is common amongst the Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, and Agnostic exposure. All of your identities are welcome and celebrated here.

My goal in emphasizing my practice here is to recognize a need for folks to have a therapist who truly understands their background and can create safety in talking about parts of the culture that can feel shameful or misunderstood, from a Western perspective. My hope is to provide a seat at the table for a community that is often underserved and overlooked when it comes to therapeutic services. Your stories matter. Your voices matter. Your healing matters.


Through my own self-reflection and SOUL searching, it has brought me to the conclusion that my MISSION in life is to articulate my own trials and tribulations, in a way that EMANCIPATES me and EMPOWERS other people, specifically those with a similar cultural background. I want to help others make meaning of their experiences & to own their own stories, despite how terrifying it can be, despite the pressure to keep our low moments entrenched in secrecy. There’s such beauty in loving ourselves through the uncertainties & challenges, that is truly where “the work” lies, & that is how we tap into true bravery and vulnerability. Once we’re able to share our stories with those who have earned the right to hear our meaning, we conquer our own shadowy parts and rebirth our more authentic selves.

From that, came the birth of ASHLEY SINGH THERAPY, my medium for connecting with those that align with my mission, values, and goals.

-How The WORK, Works-

My clinical approach highlights the relational aspect of therapy. I believe the therapeutic relationship between a client and clinician, is the vessel for personal gains and positive change. I have directed hundreds of successful treatment cycles, and I can confidently say, that when you are able to experience a positive therapeutic relationship, it can start to positively influence the rest of your life. The greater majority of people who seek treatment, come to therapy due to some of the fractured relationships in their lives. That is why I constantly assess and ensure that the therapeutic relationship is always thriving, and any potential ruptures are met with modeling successful repair.

It is from this perspective that I work to cultivate a safe, trusting, and caring space, in order to support clients through taking the small steps that become big outcomes. When you sit with me, you can expect a therapist who is intentional, warm, and gentle. I always allow my clients to lead treatment cycles and consistently encourage them to share their feedback. I spend adequate time addressing the power dynamics involved between client and therapist, in order to create space for honesty and trust. I follow my client’s pace and intuitively provide direction and gentle nudges to push through any static energy. I utilize a strengths-based approach to integrate all aspects of life in a way that weaves in growth and optimism.

-What To EXPECT-
It all begins with discovering your values. Most people spend the duration of their lives unsure of their guiding principles. When you work with me, we will uncover your core values and use that as a crux to our work. Knowing your values is the first step in knowing yourself and leading your life with confidence. Identifying your values helps you in all aspects of your life!

Another component of therapy with me is discovering the systems that you are involved in, on a micro and macro level. This step helps you intimately understand your interactions, community, and environment in a way that helps to uncover the source of any issues you are currently facing and its impact on your daily functioning. This is one way that we identify active symptoms.

An important aspect of therapy and the duty of any therapist is to provide accurate, descriptive, and novel language so we can help you adequately describe your problem and its impact. Once you learn how to describe your problem with the correct jargon and take ownership of your story, it helps you to be able to identify issues and work your way through them. Once we can describe the problem and process impact, we begin the process of it owning us less.

Corrective emotional experiences are the reason we come to therapy. It is our why. This entails finding and allowing my clients to have the space to face situations that are similar to scenarios that have been the source of pain. Once you’re able to navigate these situations in a manner that was different than the original trauma, rupture, or sore spot, we have provided you with the real-life example of being able to find your power, discover a new outcome, and utilize a new way of relating to the original issue. This is how we heal.

This is one of my most referenced terminologies in the therapy process. The work you do with me, will allow you the ability to discover all of the ideas, opinions, community, and relationships that are authentically you. Most people lose touch with their authentic selves due to outside criticism, judgment, or shame. We will give you the opportunity to figure out who your authentic self is and do the work to integrate that into your everyday life. People are generally happier when they get to be who they want to and are meant to be.

Integration is the process of mixing one or more parts. In our work together, integration is a valuable step, in which you will learn how to become your authentic self and unify that person within all aspects of your life. You will learn how to overcome outside noise and to implement boundaries that will allow your authentic self to thrive, moving forward. Integration can be difficult, but it is one of the most important steps to helping you thrive in all areas of your life.

Once you have completed the previous steps, we will teach you how to sustain your treatment strides. This is an integral part of treatment because we want you and your treatment gains to be able to continue to thrive once therapy services wrap up and you graduate to the next phase of life. One of my clinical goals is to foster an independence from therapy and to get you to a place where you don’t need my services anymore. Though, you are always welcome to come back, if it feels right for you.


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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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ADHD Anxiety-Coping Skills-Depression-Divorce-Infertility-Life Transitions-Men's Issues-Parenting-Peer Relationships-Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum-Racial Identity-School Issues-Self Esteem-Sleep or Insomnia-Spirituality-
B.A., M.A., LMFT / EMDR Certified
Treatment(s) Offered
Individual Psychotherapy
Country of Origin
Languages in Addition to English
Fiji Hindi, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
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